How to Present Yourself for Interviews with North American Companies

How to Present Yourself for Interviews with North American Companies
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We understand that applying for jobs and attaining an interview can be challenging. However, this is the only possible way to find remote job opportunities in North America.

Since you are here, we hope that you have landed yourself an interview. So, congratulations! (By the way, if you haven’t secured an interview yet, don’t worry as you will find other remote job opportunities in the USA soon).

But before you jump up and down in joy, it’s time for you to step up and do some serious work. Yes, you have to prepare yourself before attending your online interview with the company.

Understanding that, we have created a guide to help you prepare well for your interview with a North American company.

So, why don’t we get started wasting no more time?

Gaining Awareness of the Company

It is essential to assess the company and understand its values, policies, and work culture to find remote job opportunities in the USA. There are different ways of knowing about the company. You can visit their official website and go through their About Us section, blogs, services, products, teams, events, etc.,

Signing up for their newsletter is another excellent way to gain more information about the company. If possible, analyze their annual report, SEC filings, and the company’s competitors. By doing so, you can gain a detailed picture of the company, which will be beneficial to enhancing your performance during the interview.

Currently, it is integral to extend your research to the company’s social media platforms. Most importantly, you have to check their LinkedIn profile, including their recent posts and updates. Other social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, can facilitate a better idea of the work culture and values followed by the company. You can also understand the social image presented by the company.

By studying more about the organization, you will have a better idea if this will be a suitable job opportunity. You can then prepare yourself for the interview based on your understanding. You can check if your short-term and long-term goals, interests, and philosophy align with the company

Therefore, gaining awareness about the company can take you a step ahead in your pathway leading to your dream job.

So, get your notepad ready to do some reading!

Perform Research on Your Interviewer

Similar to performing research about the company, knowing about your interviewer can be highly beneficial. If you have found a remote job opportunity in North America, you can have your interview online. Before the interview, you will receive an invitation email with information about the interviewer.

Based on that, you can conduct a search and understand their interests and preferences. It would be helpful to check out their LinkedIn profile to know more about the interviewer. If you find any mutual connections, you could even speak with them to learn about the interviewer.

Go Through the Job Description

It’s true that you would have analyzed the job description (JD) thoroughly while applying for the job. Since you have landed an interview, why not refresh your memory and revisit the job description again?

Remember that most of the questions you will receive during an interview will be based on the JD provided. Therefore, you can note down the pointers from the JD and then work on each of them separately. You can watch videos on similar interviews as it will help you with your preparation.

Besides, you have to study your CV and cover letter closely. By preparing yourself in these ways, you can focus on how you can add value to the company that plans to hire you. During your interview, you will have to present a solid reason to depict that you are suitable for this position. By doing so, you won’t have to find other remote job opportunities in the USA.

Try Out the Products or Services from the Company

If your interview is with a product or service-based company, it is best to try them out. Although you might not be able to check out all their products or services, you could use at least a couple of them.

For instance, imagine you have landed an interview with a cosmetic brand. You can try out their product as it will help you stay connected during the interview.

You can bring out your personal experience as it can take you an extra step in the interview.

Conduct a Mock Interview

Before attending the interview for real, why not try a mock interview? Here, you can prepare a set of possible questions based on the interview round. You can find them via Google search and from the JD provided. Here, you can either seek help from someone to ask you questions or record yourself on camera.

If you opt for a friend or family member, they can give you feedback on how to improve. If it is a recording, you will have to analyze your performance and work on it accordingly.

Dress Well for Your Virtual Interview

Since it is a virtual interview, you have the option to dress from the waist and above. However, it is essential to dress from head to toe as if you are attending a traditional interview. It is best to wear formal clothes and ensure that it is something that suits you.

Checking your company’s dress code can also be beneficial in such a scenario. Most importantly, you have to wear something that will boost your confidence.


Have a Proper Set Up to Attend Your Virtual Interview

After finding a remote job opportunity in North America, it is time to prepare yourself for your online interview.

Here, ensure that you have a proper internet connection and have the correct application needed for the interview. You can play around with the app to ensure that you won’t have any challenges while attending the interview.

Along with that, test your sound and its quality so that you will be audible. Next, check the lighting and ensure you are in a well-lit room during the interview – remote hiring platforms like Cosmogence will expect you to be well lit and audible.