Q1'24 Software Updates!

Q1'24 Software Updates!

Our development team has been hard at work over the winter adding features our clients have been asking for. Here's a quick summary.

Salary Calculator

Figure out employer costs via our calculator

We're exploring Deel's API (as a new partner!) and they expose a salary calculator that we've exposed on our website.

Later development will incorporate this same endpoint in our talent profile view where clients can see fully encumbered costs for candidates as they browse.

Employee Engagement

1:1s are easy to capture and share

We've added the first iteration of an employee engagement/performance management module that focuses on 1:1s - we've already performed a few 1:1s with our team! Future additions here include the ability to push out surveys and pulses.

Time Off Requests

We've been using Clockify for some time to track employee sick, overtime and vacation hours and our goal was to move away from that. Clockify's a great tool, it's just overkill for the kind of time we're keen to manage from an employment perspective.

Employees can submit requests for time off (or overtime) due to unpaid leave, vacation or sick time.

Self-Serve Talent Pools

We're experimenting with our first efforts at providing browsable, self-serve access to some of our pre-vetted talent pools.

The idea here is to allow clients to browse, sort and view talent in very specific job categories - going so far as to message and engage with candidates directly within the platform.