Common Concerns Hiring Remote Developers from India and how to Overcome Them

Common Concerns Hiring Remote Developers from India and how to Overcome Them
Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash

When you’re looking to expand your development team by hiring remote developers, the first thing that comes to mind is where to find the best talent. And if you’re like many business leaders, the first place you’ll look is India. After all, India is known for its vast pool of skilled software engineers at an affordable price. But before you make the decision to hire remote developers from India, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common concerns businesses have when hiring remote developers from India and how to overcome them.

Communication Issues

When you look to India to hire remote developers, one of the most common concerns brought up is communication. Oftentimes, there is a language barrier that can make it difficult to communicate with your remote team as well as a difference in timezone. But this doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. There are a few things you can do to overcome communication barriers, such as:

  • Hire developers who are fluent in English. While not all developers in India are fluent in English, there are many who are. By hiring developers who are already proficient in English, you can avoid any potential communication issues from the start.
  • Use project management tools: Project management tools like Slack or Asana can be a great way to keep communication channels open between you and your remote team. By using these tools, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that no important details are lost in translation.

Time Consuming Hiring Process

It’s likely that when you try to hire remote teams, you’ll be flooded with applications. And while it’s great to have a large pool of talent to choose from, sifting through all of the applications can be time-consuming. To streamline the process, consider going through a trusted agency that specializes in remote staffing. By working with an agency, you can save yourself the time and hassle of sorting through applications and interviewing candidates.

Uncertainty Around Quality of Work

When you hire remote staff, there is always a risk that the quality of work will not meet your expectations. This is often a result of cultural differences and the fact that you’re not able to oversee the work being done on a day-to-day basis. But there are a few things you can do to mitigate this risk, such as:

  • Hire developers with proven experience: When you’re looking to hire remote developers, be sure to vet their experience and skillset. By hiring developers who have a proven track record, you can increase the chances that they’ll be able to deliver quality work.
  • Set clear expectations: It’s important that you set clear expectations from the start. By doing this, you can avoid any misunderstandings down the road. Be sure to communicate your vision for the project and what you expect from your remote team.
  • Test their skills: Before you make a hire, be sure to test their skills. This can be done by giving them a small task to complete or by asking them to do a short interview. By testing their skills, you can get a better sense of whether or not they’re a good fit for your team.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to hiring remote developers, there are a few things you should keep in mind. But by following the tips in this article, you can overcome any challenges that you may face. So if you’re looking to expand your team, don’t hesitate to hire remote developers from India with Cosmogence.